At 11-years old and on the brink of a musical break through, Christine, a 4’ 3” miniature version of Mia Hamm, or so she enjoyed to tell herself, picked up a french horn. The rest was history. Until the end of 7th grade. When she realized that, despite having a growth spurt of almost a foot and the wingspan of a normal-sized man, this horn was still too damn big to carry. 


Upon accepting this instance of a three-key, brass failure, she decided to try out for the school play. And then, like clockwork, the spark was ignited.


Rendezvousing with acting has really been a part of her journey since day one, not only for the enjoyment of performance, but mostly in part to her keen senses and ability to empathize and understand in a way that only the broken can. Her close friends have often described her as, “a sage woman with wisdom beyond her years”. However, she has always attributed it to the willingness of being a strong and capable listener.


After graduating with a double bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising, and a minor in Business, from Framingham State University, Christine quickly acquired a position with the reputable TJX Companies, Inc., designing childrenswear for TJMaxx and Marshalls. However, her ineffable desire to tell stories interrupted everything. In 2014, she barreled her way into the film industry, studying with a Montreal-based, internationally acclaimed studio, Straeon Acting Studios, for three years. 


In 2016, she traveled cross-country for 93 days, living out of her SUV and tent before landing permanently in LA. Well, semi-permanently. Because in order to grow as an actor, you must not only train, but also experience. And, so, she spent August of 2018 WWOOFING, once again living out of her tent on a farm in Oregon, picking and harvesting crops by day, and creating a commercial with her one-man crew (herself) for a local restaurant by night. September and some of October were spent getting to know her SUV again, road tripping down the west coast back home.


In October of 2019, Christine was the recipient of the Women in Film Fellowship Award through the Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation, Inc., providing her a grant and a year-long mentorship in exchange for the promise of a completed short film to screen at the 2020 Shawna Shea Film Festival. This award has allowed her the opportunity to bring to life her award-winning short script, For Nerivia, which she will be directing. The script was also a finalist in the Shawna Shea Film Festival's best short screenplay category, along with First Runner-Up, Higher Ground, another short script Christine co-wrote with Sean Carmichael (Alone in a Paradise, Cyclic, Gleam).


While being in production and pre-production is always a wonderful feeling, there's never a shortage of stories to be told. Additionally, Christine is currently in development on a 10-episode, comedic digital media series, a dark comedy feature film, and a thriller episodic. 


She enjoys long walks anywhere as long as it’s with a dog. Any dog will do. And in her spare time, you can find her working out, taking photos, painting, reading, or playing soccer (she played from the age of 5 through collegiate).


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