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Christine Celozzi is an actress and director originally from Boston, MA. She previously trained with the critically acclaimed, Montreal-based Straeon Acting Studios, as well as BGB Studio, Margie Haber Studio, and Second City.


Christine’s most recent acting performances in PARCHED, a psychological horror, The Plumber, a WW2 adventure/suspense, and My Friends The Plants, a mockumentary horror-comedy, not only express her versatility as an actor but have garnered her 9 best actress nominations and 3 best actress wins both domestically and internationally.


As a director, Christine received the 2020 Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation, Inc.’s Women in Film Fellowship award, for which she wrote, directed, and starred in her debut short film, My Friends The Plants. It has since been an award winner and finalist in numerous festivals, earning Christine a best directing award at WhoHaHalloween Film Festival, run by Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaHa platform, best director at Women's Comedy Film Festival ATL, and best first-time director at the Thrills and Chills Film Awards.


Christine is an athlete, having been a competitive soccer player from 5 years old until collegiate. She was also the captain of her indoor and outdoor track teams, twice earning the “Most Dedicated” sports award. She graduated from Framingham State University with a double BA and a minor in business.


Outside of filmmaking, Christine is an avid hiker and camper, who has spent months on the road traversing North America and exploring its beauty in its entirety. [And she reckons there’s no sunset like a Floridian sunset.]

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