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What’s up, y’all? Welcome to my page.

If you don’t know much about me, you soon will.

Firstly, I like to laugh. A lot. And about things that are weird. Frequently allowing my imagination to run amuck. To run wild. Because wild is free. And I don’t enjoy feeling contained. 

I also like to spend a lot of time by myself, exploring and observing. I most enjoy being on the road, in my tent, hiking trails, wandering, wondering, and bringing back with me a sense of augmented reality, realizing I’m smaller in this world than I think, and the world is large for a reason.

Each of these explorations means something. Deeply. I like figuring out what makes a human tick, what drives them, what scares them, because that’s where we find our humanity. In our gaps and cracks and crevices, the places where we slowly begin to unravel.

Bringing a greater understanding of that humanity to my work allows me to build characters and stories both as an actor and a director that are well-rounded and feel real with their own idiosyncrasies that make them special and relatable.

Some recent moments in my life I'm most proud of include playing the leading role in the WW2 fantasy drama, The Plumber, loosely based on real-life heroine Irena Sendler's life for which, with only 9 lines of dialogue, I secured 6 best actress nominations, including one alongside Evangeline Lilly. 

I was also awarded the 2020 Women in Film Fellowship Award through the Shawna Foundation for which I wrote, directed, and acted in my mockumentary horror-comedy, My Friends The Plants. This creative endeavor had a fantastic festival run attending over 50 festivals and receiving over 35 awards & nominations including 3 best actress wins, 2 best actress nominations [one of which was at Kevin Smith's SModCastle Film Festival alongside Chris Gethard and Godfrey], 3 best directing awards [the first being at the inaugural WhoHaHalloween, a festival run by Elizabeth Banks' co-founded platform, WhoHaHa], and a handful of best comedy awards. For these recognitions, I couldn't have felt more grateful. My Friends The Plants now lives on the streaming platform, TVHi.

In early 2023, I wrapped production as a lead in the feature film Pen Pals, which recently sold to a distributor...but shhhh, more information on that this summer, 2024. 

My current docket includes growing the production company I opened in 2024, Gremlin Express. With multiple films in various stages of production, from development to making rounds on the festival circuit, Gremlin Express is quickly making leaps and bounds in the genre world.

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